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Ventilation Primer

Why Ventilation is Needed?

Moisture reduction and fresh air are the name of the game when it comes to ventilation. We spend most of our lives in the home. Your well-being will depend on how you manage your home environment.

When excess moisture accumulates in your home, it can cause health problems, deteriorate building materials, and increase your energy consumption.

Most homes are ventilated by air leakage, with help from kitchen and bath fans. But air leakage isn't a reliable or efficient way to control moisture in your home since it provides excessive ventilation during severe weather and inadequate ventilation during mild weather. The best way to maintain good indoor air quality is with a whole-house ventilation system that provides fresh air when and where its needed.

Evaluate Your Home's Moisture Management and Ventilation

Moisture Basics

Excess moisture is a problem in many modern homes. Airborne water vapor isn't a problem by itself. But when the water vapor condenses to liquid water, this condensation can cause a number of problems.

  • Wet homes are not healthy.
  • Wet homes are not durable.
  • Excess moisture increases energy consumption.

Controlling Outdoor Moisture

Don't let water leak into your home. Rainwater or snow melt that leaks through your roof, flows in around doors and windows, or seeps through your siding can damage your home. Fixing these leaks should be your first defense against moisture problems.

Controlling Indoor Moisture

Your normal home activities release some moisture into the air. Cleaning the home, doing laundry, breathing, and bathing all release moisture. But you should take a few precautions to keep this indoor moisture production to a minimum.

Ventilation Systems

Your efforts to control moisture and indoor pollutants should always focus on source control; keeping them out of your home in the first place. This is easier and more efficient than removing them with ventilation. So be sure that you have taken all the source-control steps you can.

Controls for Ventilation Equipment

Accessible controls for your ventilation system let you choose when it runs and how much air it moves based on the conditions in your house as the moment. Don't shortchange this important component.

Installing Ventilation Equipment

Properly installed ventilation systems should be unobtrusive and long-lived. to achieve this standard, we recommend that you choose the best-quality fans you can afford, and that you pay careful attention to the installation details. Installing a simple exhaust fan is a reasonable project if you have basic carpentry and electrical skills.

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