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Bicycle Trailers
Hauling Stuff on Trailers is one of the Many Uses of Bicycles

Introduction to Uses of Bicycles

Having a car to run your errands, commute to work, and go to the park is a convenience that we have taken for granted today. It's just like a water faucet. You assume that fresh, drinkable water is going to come out every time you open the valve. With the car, we actually replace our two legs with it and it just becomes part of our subconscious. Meaning, we don't even think about jumping in our car and turning the keys to go some where. We just assume the car is going to take us to our destination without trouble.

If we want to break the habit, we have to consciously go through the decision process of deciding whether to drive or bike to our next destination. In the beginning, you actually have to take a couple of moments to weigh the advantages of each option. Taking the car will get you there faster, possibly safer, keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and so on. On the other hand, riding a bicycle has the advantages of exercising the body, saving gas, reducing carbon output, and experiencing the natural environment around. These days, with gas prices fluctuating between $3 and $5 per gallon, it makes it more important to consider alternative means of transportation.

Once we get over this process and make the decision to switch is becoming much easier. The brief promotional video here shows a few of the many uses of bicycles for those that have no car to rely on.

Some Uses of Bicycles

Just about anything you can do with your car, you can do with a bicycle. The bicycle is a highly flexible transportation device that comes in many forms and shapes. See our Bicycle Types page for photos and descitpions of the many types of bikes. You can find or modify a bicycle to:

  • Ride to Work

    There are several other countries and American cities that have worked to transform the streets to take away the dominance of the automobile as the only transportation alternative. They have created special bicycle lanes to encourage use of bicycles rather than the car. However, here in America, most cities make it very difficult for bicycles to progress. Instead, they keep spending large amounts of money to widen roads, which promotes more congestion. Here are two examples of Americans who decided to use the bicycle exclusively to commute to work. They had to deal with climate, aches and pains, neighbourhoods, and unfriendly roads. However, once they got into the habit of riding rather than driving, they became full-time riders.

    Pedal power: Redefining the American commute from Laura Rush on Vimeo.

  • Recreation on Weekends

    Bicycle for Weekends
    The great outdoors can be enjoyed by bicycle on weekends.

    Recreation is the primary use for bicycles in America. There are hundreds of web and blog sites covering the various aspects of mountain biking, road racing, BMX, downhill racing, touring, and the like.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Bicycle for Groceries
    Bicycles with baskets can carry many groceries.

  • Go to School

    Bicycle to School
    Bicycles can be used to take your kids to school.

  • Exercise

    Bicycle Exercise
    Exercise Treadmill Used to Power a Bike

  • Run Errands

    Bicycle Errands
    You can be very creative with Bicycle Errands.

  • Vacation

    Bicycle Vacation
    Bicycle Vacation can be one of the best stress relievers.

  • Deliveries

    Bicycle Cargo
    Bicycle Cargo Carriers have been in use in other countries for decades.

  • Mail

    Bicycle Mail
    Bicycle Letter Carriers have been in use in other countries for decades.

  • Taxi

    Bicycle Taxi
    Bicycle Taxis have been in use in other countries for decades.

  • Bicycles Power a Travelling Band

    This is a creative use of bicycles. The music band The Ginger Ninjas travels throughout the Americas playing music from power generated by their bicycles. While the band is playing a member of the audience will pedal a bicycle backwards to generate power.

  • Your Ideas Here.

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