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Solar Uses

Application Examples of Solar Energy

There are many uses for solar energy. You probably are already using solar energy and don't even realize it. It can be used to take electricity to remote locations that have no electricity and save lives. Batteries for small devices such as calculators and MP3 players can be charged with small solar panels. Street lights and signs on remote roads can be powered by solar panels. Here are some more examples of uses of solar energy.

Solar Powered Water Pump

Doctor's Portable Power Kit

This is a portable solar kit that travels anywhere, but designed to go to remote communities with no power. The kit was designed for a doctor that travels to Africa to deliver babies from pregnant women. With a fully charged battery, the solar kit can provide lighting for up to 12 hours.

Solar Oven, Cooking Chicken:

Passive Solar Air Heater Heating System Alternative Energy:

Hydroponic recirculating solar powered system:

Self Standing Solar Air Heater

Arizona University Solar Heating and Cooling System

This system uses solar heat to cool buildings through heat transfer. The byproduct heat is used to keep the swimming pool water warm. It is the only system of this kind and size in the USA.

solar heating cooling application
The Solar Thermal Array installed on top of the UA's recreation center has an estimated annual production equivalent of almost 2 million kilowatt-hours and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,317 metric tons per year.

The Solar Car Project

The Solar Car Challenge began in 1993 as a high school extra curricular program named the "Winston Solar Challenge." The program's popularity has since grown rapidly and become its own non-profit entity. More than 65 schools in 20 states now take part in the Solar Car Challenge. Top teachers from across the country have put their minds together to make the Solar Car Challenge one of the most engaging and motivating high school science programs in existence today.

The Solar Car Challenge is designed to motivate students in science, engineering, and alternative energy. Students learn how to design, engineer, build, and race roadworthy solar cars. Workshops, curriculum materials, and on-site visits help support the teams. The end product of each education cycle is the Solar Car Challenge: a closed-track event at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway, or a cross country event designed to give students an opportunity to show the country the product of their efforts.

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