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Solar Do It Yourself Projects

DIY Passive Solar

DIY Pool Solar Heater

This is a really good entry level project that just about anyone can do. The simplest pool solar water heater we've seen involves using a simple coil of half inch black irrigation tubing placed in direct sunlight, and have a small water pump keep the water moving. In another project, rows of the same black tubing were connected to a manifold and wrapped around the pool fence. In this case, the regular filter pump was used to circulated the water.

Do it yourself solar
Simple Half Inch Garden Drip Line Can be Used for Solar Pool Heating

You can mix and match these ideas to create your own swimming pool solar heating solution. Once you get started, you just want to continue adding and improving your design. The motivation is free heat from the sun.

DIY Solar Cell

What is a solar cell?

A photovoltaic solar cell is the basic building block of PV solar electric systems. The cells can be purchased individually or in lots to build your solar panel(s). Solar cells are usually assembled in multiples of six (6, 12, 24, ..., 72) and both the positive and negative leads are soldered in series. So the individual voltages produced by each cell add up. Solar cells can be purchased from many different online shops, including ebay.

Do it yourself solar
Polycrystalline Solar Cells Soldered in Rows

Solar Cell Assembly

You'll need a basic understanding of electric circuits, some hand tools, soldering supplies, silicon caulking, and glass.

Do it yourself solar
Cross Plastic Pegs can be Used to Align Solar Cells
Don't Forget to Remove the Pegs Before Sealing the Panel.

Once the tabs are soldered together in rows, rows of cells are lined up creating a matrix for encapsulation in glass. The glass not only allows sun to shine on the solar cells, it provides a ridged sealed enclosure for the solar matrix. You can add glazing to one or both wides depending on what kind of deal you can get on the glass. If you only want to use glazing on the sunny side you can use some other ridged material on the bottom side that is not conductive or heat sensitive. The finished panels will get quite hot in the sun.

Then you need to frame the glass and solar cells. Normally pre-formed aluminium framing material used. You can get a kit containing four sides and four corner keys shaped like L's. The corner keys allow you to snap the aluminium sides together around the perimeter of the encased solar cells.

Do it yourself solar
DIY Solar Cells Require Soldering Skills

Once the solar is assembled, a junction box is attached to the back side of the panel assembly. The junction box serves several purposes. It shields electrical conductors from being exposed to curious hands. It has several wire splicing connectors inside the solar panel to be connected in different configurations, such as reduced voltage output or wiring in series or parallel with other solar panels. It allows connection of standard MC cables, which are 10 American Wire Gauge (AWG) thickness. The two cables, one positive and the other negative, are terminated with special male or female locking connectors, usually called an MC4 pair. These cable allow the solar panel to be connected in series or parallel with other panels.

Do it yourself solar Do it yourself solar
Solar Cell Assembly Requires Teamwork
Glass is Slide Under Strings of Solar Cells
The Solar Cells Can Also Be Assembled on the Glass. Your Preference.

Do it yourself solar
A Laminate or Silicon Adhesive is applied to the back of the Panels to Hold Them in Place.

Do it yourself solar
Glass can also be applied to the back of the Solar Cells.
Note the Neat Arrangement of Solar Cells Done by Hand.

Do it yourself solar
Generic 3x6 Feet Framing Kits Can be Purchased Readily Online.
The Aluminium Sides Can be Cut to Fit Your Solar Cells.

Do it yourself solar
The Framing Side Rails are Snapped Together by an L-bracket.

Do it yourself solar
Junction Box Containing Blocking Diodes.

Do it yourself solar
MC4 Connectors are the Standard in the Solar Panel Industry.

Do it yourself solar
Junction Box and 10 AWG Cables with MC4 Connector

Finishing a Laminate Solar Panel

If you don't want to assemble a solar panel from individual solar cells, you can get an unfinished laminate panel that has all the solar cells assembled already. You only need to add the framing and junction box. Typically these laminate panels can be had for as little as 50 cents per watt. However, the vendors typically require a quantity order of 10 or more panels. Still, to get 10 high powered solar panels for less than $1000 is a pretty good deal.

Do it yourself solar
Unfinished Solar Panels Can be Had for Very Cheap These Days.
Build One Panel from Solar Cells Once for the Experience.

Installing a junction box to the back of the solar panel is simple. Here is a brief illustration of the steps needed.

Do it yourself solar
List of Materials Needed to Add Junction Box to Back of Laminate Solar Panel.

Do it yourself solar
Four Tabs are Soldered to the Positive and Negative Bus Lines.

Do it yourself solar
Teflon Adhesive Paper is Used to Protect the Soldering Area.
The Four Exposed Tabs will be Inserted to the Junction Box.

Do it yourself solar
After Gluing The Junction Box to the Back of the Solar Panel The Tabs are Locked In.

Do it yourself solar
After the Four Tabs are Attached Use Ample Silicon Caulking to Weather Proof the Assemply Area.

DIY Solar Portable Hot Water Heater

Grab a barrel and let's make a portable solar hot water heater. All you need is a storage container, black flexible tubing, a pump, and a mounting platform.

Building a Portable Solar Power Station

Take the power with you even if you are away from the house. There are currently available portable power stations available on the market. They provide the solar panels on wheels, as battery enclosure, which includes charge controller and AC inverter with outlets. These generally run $1,500 and up. However, with the prices of solar panels coming down fast, you can build one yourself for much less.

You can also buy a traditional gas powered electric generator. However, they are noisy and gas is expensive.

We have property that is off-grid in the desert. There is no electrical power nearby. We are planing to build our own portable solar power station from the ground up, to take advantage of the low solar panel prices and provide more power than ready-made packs. The system will provide us with at least 500 watts of continuous power using 6 volt deep cycle SLA batteries and a solar panel. The unit will be mounted on a four wheel cart for portability, and contain shelving for other components and several cordless power tools and chargers.

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