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Some Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Reliability: Even in harsh conditions, photovoltaic systems have proven their reliability. PV arrays prevent costly power failures in situations where continuous operations is critical.
  • Durability: Most modules are guaranteed from the manufacturer to produce power for 25 years, and will keep producing well beyond that time frame.
  • Low maintenance cost: Transporting materials and personnel to remote areas for equipment maintenance or service work is expensive. Since PV systems require only periodic inspection and occasional maintenance, these costs are usually less than with conventionally fuelled systems.
  • No fuel cost: Since no fuel source is required, there are no costs associated with purchasing, storing, or transporting fuel.
  • Reduced sound pollution: Photovoltaic systems operate silently and with minimal movement.
  • Safety: PV systems do not require the use of combustible fuels and are safe when properly designed and installed.
  • Independence: Many residential PV users cite energy independence from utilities as their primary motivation for adopting the new technology.
  • Electrical grid decentralization: Small-scale decentralized power stations reduce the possibility of outages on the electric grid.
  • High altitude performance: Increased isolation at high altitudes makes using photovoltaics advantageous, since power output is optimized. In contrast, a diesel generator at higher altitudes must be de-rated because of losses in efficiency and power output.
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