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LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Introduction and Example

LED under cabinet lighting are a great replacement for traditional lighting solutions that used a lot of electricity and produced a lot of heat. Under counter mounted halogen lights have been used for many years to light up your kitchen counter. They are dimmable and allow you to set the level of lighting in your kitchen at night. However, they do permeate a great amount of heat, not only towards your counter top, but up into the cabinet, warming whatever food may be stored there. They basically operate under the same principle as an electric stove: run a large amount of electrical current through a low valued, high wattage capacity resistive load.

LED Under cabinet lighting 2
Before: Xenon Halogen Lamps were Previously Used as Under Counter Lighting

Using LED strip lighting, you can replace a highly consumptive light source with a dimmable one that uses a fraction of the wattage and emits no heat. LED strip or tape lights are actually a flexible circuit board with embedded wiring connecting the lights to an electrical power source. They are available in a single light colour or can be had in multiple colour outputs. An RGB LED strip is capable of millions of colours. Installing an LED strip light under your kitchen or dining room counters is very simple.

LED Under cabinet lighting 3
An LED Lighting Strip Can Be Used as Under Counter Lighting

Using basic tools, you can remove the old xenon light boxes and attach a strip of LED tape light, which can come with double sided 3M adhesive tape. If the surface under your cabinet is not suitable for adhesive tape, there are two other choices. You can find LED under cabinet strip lighting with epoxy or screwed tie downs.

LED Under cabinet lighting 5
After: LED Lighting Strip is Easy to Install

Three basic types of LED strip lighting for under cabinet mounting are available. Type A comes with double sided 3M tape already. Just peel the tape insolation paper away and attach the strip to the smooth clean bottom of the cabinet. Type B has an epoxy coating on the bottom of the strip to allow for adhering to surfaces that are not smooth. And, type C has no glue or tape, but can be stuck to the wall with silicon glue or screwed brackets.

LED Under cabinet lighting 6
Three Types of LED Under Cabinet Lighting Available

The LED Lighting Strip can be easily installed in minutes. The LED power brick can be wired directly to house power or be plugged in to a wall outlet. These LED strips can provide an amazing amount of lighting at night in the kitchen. Since they are dimmable, you can set them just bright enough to allow family members to browse after dinner for that ubiquitous mid-night snack.

LED Under cabinet lighting 4
LED Under Cabinet Lighting Can Provide Just as Much Light as Xenon

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