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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Top

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Top

The front yard generally has a different function than the back yard. If there is a school nearby, you can expect children traffic in your front yard. The front yard should also show case your house. In addition to foot traffic, you'll also want to consider water retention opportunities, sun exposure, home style, pathways to your front door and back yard, and homeowner association (HOA) approvals.

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  • Foot Traffic If your front yard is not fenced and is in the pathway of pedestrian foot traffic, you can expect delicate plants to get trampled. So they either need to be protected or reserved for the back yard.
  • Home Style Accents Design a front yard landscape that complements the front of the house. If you have a pueblo style home, a western or desert theme may look more appropriate. You should also be aware of the mature size of the trees you choose. Very tall trees make the house look smaller. Wide, full bodied trees may hide the house. Also, remember not to plant large trees and shrubs too close to the foundation.
  • Water Retention Design in swales, contours, and berms to provide a natural source of water to your plants.
  • Sun Exposure You can use plants to block or allow the sun to hit the house. If your front faces south or west, in an arid climate, planting large shrubs or trees will keep the house cooler in the summer.
  • Pathways Be sure to leave adequate space in your front yard design for pathways and walkways. Don't plant large shrubs too close to your driveway or front door walkway. Leave room in your front yard area to walk through and maintain the plants, pull weeds, and clean debris that blows in.
  • HOA Approvals If you live in a development with a Home Owners Association (HOA), once your front yard design drawings are complete, you'll want to submit an architectural landscape application along with the drawings to your association board. Some HOA boards only meet a couple times per year. So it my take awhile to get your design approved. Some HOAs require the application to be signed by your neighbors before submitting.

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