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Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

Flagstone Landscaping

Pavers and flagstone are better than concrete side walks because they allow rain water infiltration rather than run-off. If you are considering installing flagstone on your, in a do it yourself fashion, take a looks at these great tips for diy flagstone.

Flagstone Pathway
This Flagstone Pathway uses no Cement.
This Allows Rain Infiltration

Polished flagstone can also be used for steps. You can place plain cinder blocks under the flagstone to make it level.

Flagstone used as steps.
Attractive Red Flagstone Used as Steps.

As with ground cover stone, block material is available from garden centers, big box retailers, and rockeries. They are usually sold by weight and can be delivered on pallets.

Flagstone Landscaping Slideshow

Please view our flagstone landscaping slideshow to get some ideas from other homeowners on how they are using flagstone in the landscape. You can view the slide show full screen.

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