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Energy Star Ratings

What is an Energy Star Rating?

Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient appliances and other home items. It started as a voluntary problem primarily pertaining to the computer industry, but expanded rapidly to include appliances and even building materials and construction practices.

Why Energy Star? Energy Star establishes a baseline of efficiency ratings that manufacturers can build their products meet. These ratings assure that qualified products at least meet minimum efficiency standards set forth by Energy Star. The manufacturer benefits by being able to place a label on it's equipment, which gives them more value in the market place. Consumers benefit when buying Energy Star equipment with the assurance that it is the most efficient available.

What Types of Equipment are Included in Energy Star?

Types of equipment that can achieve Energy Star Certification fall into several categories for the home:

  • Electronics including computer equipment, home entertainment, phones, and set-top boxes.
  • Home Appliances including dishwashers, Refrigerators, freezers, room air cleaners and purifiers, and water coolers.
  • Heating and Air conditioning equipment, boilers, dehumidifiers, furnaces, heat pumps, insulation, .
  • Building Products such as sealer and insulation, roofing materials, windows and doors.
  • Lighting and Fans
  • Plumbing, water heaters, solar water heaters, and tankless water heaters.

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