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Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Saving Energy With Energy Star Rated Ceiling Fans

Energy Star Ceiling Fan
Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans are Some of the Most Efficient on the Market

In home ceiling fans are a great way to enhance the heating and cooling systems within the house. In the summer they create a wind chill factor that lowers the temperature in the house. In the winter, they can help distribute the heat generated by the furnace. Energy Star certified ceiling fans have a low power use electric fan motor and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). An Energy Star rated ceiling fan can save you more than 50%. To be energy Star rated, a ceiling fan must meet minimum efficiency standards at low speed as well as high speed. In addition, all parts must be covered under a multi-year warranty. For example, the fan motor must be warranted for 30 years.

Energy Star Ceiling Fan
Look for the Highest CFM per Watt Rating when Shopping for Energy Star Ceiling Fans.

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