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Energy Star Appliances

How We Use Energy in the Home

When you get up in the morning, and turn on the coffee maker. You may turn on several other appliances such as the dishwasher, clothes washer, and TV. You might then go for a shower, then dry your hair. After you come home from work, you may also turn on several appliances again, such as the oven, the entertainment center, and several lamps in the home. Just think about how much energy your appliances have used during the day. Energy Star appliances use the latest technologies to assure you are using the least amount of throughout your daily routine. Energy Star appliances replace many older appliances, even as recent as 1994. Some older appliances causes other appliances in the home to work harder. If you turn on an oven in the summer the air conditioner will be working harder. Older top loading clothes washers use more water, which makes your water heater work harder. Rebates for Energy Star appliances are available from

What Energy Star Appliances are Available?

Most appliances that are powered by electricity can be found with Energy Star certification. This includes more than 60 categories of appliance. Some examples are refrigerators, washers, electronics, lighting, major appliances, and more. Performance of Energy Star rated products is typically at least 10% more than non-rated products. Many states offer tax incentive or rebates. Most appliance more than 15 years old cost more to use and should be replaced with Energy Star rated appliances. Energy Star dishwashers are at least 10% more efficient. Energy Star refrigerators are typically at least 20% more efficient.

Benefits of Using an Energy Star Clothes Washer

Energy Star Appliance
The Samsung WF210ANW Front Loading Washer Exceeds Energy Star Ratings as well as Customer Satisfaction.

As an example, the benefits of using a more energy efficient and less water consumptive clothes washer go way beyond just the washer itself. Here are some of the benefits:

  • If your current washer is an upright, it uses 30-85% more energy and 40-75% more water than a front loading washer.
  • The reduced water usage puts a much lower strain on your water heater.
  • New Energy Star rated clothes washers have a spin cycle up to 1300 RPM (revolutions per minute). So there is much less water in the clothes going into the clothes dryer. This means the clothes drier runs much less. Or even if you hang dry your clothes they will dry out much faster.
  • Because newer washers use much less water, not only are your electric and water bills less, if you are billed for sewage treatment that will be less also.
  • For you numbers people, here are some nuggets to chew on. For a typical family of four running 8 load of clothes wash per week, you are using 16,640 gallons per year with a traditional top loading washer. If you switched to a water efficient front loading model the only uses 10 gallons per load, your family only uses 4160 gallons per year. That's a water savings of over 12,000 gallons per year.

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