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Electric Cars Currently Available

Electric Cars Available Today

Some of the electric cars from the leasing experiment of the 1997-2004 period in California, as documented in the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" are still on the road today. Most of those electric cars were confiscated by the manufacturers and destroyed. However, if you wanted to buy one of these, owners likely would not sell them. Not only because of their historical significance, but mainly because of their reliability and cost saving performance.

Today though, we are at the starting gate of a great horse race, in which the contestants are large and small. Many new companies, such as Tesla, have been given guaranteed loans from the Federal government to move forward with electric vehicle products for a mass market. All the big auto makers are also in the game with new releases coming from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, and all the others. It's a great race for electrification of the automobile to the masses.

Here's a short list of electric cars that are available now or available for pre-order to be delivered in 2011-2012.

Chevy Volt Electric Car
Chevy Volt Electric Car

A Sample of 4 Wheel Street Capable Electric Vehicles

Here is a sample list of street capable sedans available today.

EV Name Make/Model Summary Top Speed Range

Nissan Leaf Appeals to a broad market of commuters. 95 MPH 73 Miles

Our Nissan Leaf

Finally got an SL at an excellent price. The SL is the top of the line Leaf, which includes an extra quick-charge port, solar panel for charging the 12 volt battery, and a great navigation system. It was a lease return purchased at a used car dealer in Corona, California. The car originally retailed for almost $40,000. Got it for under $15,000. It made made up for the loss taken on trading in a Sprinter van for a Jeep Cherokee.

It rides great around town with a full charge waiting every morning. Because of the high starting torque, you can maneuver in tight spots much quicker than a gasoline car.

The gear selector is the simplest. Only four positions are possible: forward, reverse, neutral, and a button push for park. It takes about 30 seconds to get acclimated. My electric bill has gone up by less than $10 per month. Gasoline cars and stations are obsolete.

Many have commented on the mileage remaining indicator. It can be deceiving. If you are freeway driving or going up hill, the mileage number will show lower than what the batteries are capable of. You must rely more on the graphical gauge to the right of the number for a more accurate battery reading.

Leaf Mileage Range Gauge
Leaf Mileage Range Gauge - Focus on Bars not Number.

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors Model S The Model S is Tesla's second model, following the very fast Roadster. It is priced at half what the Roadster was for a wider market. It is designed and styled to compete with mid-range Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW models. 120 mph 300 miles

Commuter Cars Co.
Commuter Cars Tango T600 Single passenger, three wheel, urban commuting electric car. NmG stands for "No More Gas". 75 mph 60 miles

General Motors
Chevy Volt Four Door Sedan. Uses electric motor as primary propulsion. Uses gas motor to charge battery. GM boasts high level of connectivity through On-Star network, which allows usage data to be transferred to the company. 100 MPH 35 miles without gas poweredbatterycharging.

Citroen C-ZERO The C-ZERO is a 4-door hatchback. Currently being used as a fleet vehicle by various governments in Europe. 80 mph 80 miles

Ford Focus Electric Family/Commute vehicle available in 2012. Many user interface features built in for increased efficiency, driver experience, and smart phone communication. 80 MPH 100 Miles

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