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Electric Heaters

Although there are many types of electric heaters, we will split them into two categories: electric space heaters and electric furnace. As with solar photovoltaic sizing, you'll want to make sure the space to be heated is well insulated and has no thermal air leaks.

Electric Space Heaters

Electric space heaters have the capacity to heat one room or a small space. They save by not having to heat the entire house if you are just using one room. But, if you have several people using them in separate rooms on the same electrical circuit you will certainly trip the circuit breaker. The typical electric space heater can use up to 1500 watts. That a lot of electrons travelling through the wire in your walls. This could become a fire hazard.

Electrical space heaters come in all shapes, and heating technologies. They are typically small boxes with various methods of heating a room.

Radiant Space Heaters

Radiant heaters work by sending electricity through a ribbon element or quartz tube. The high current of electrons passing through the element causes it to heat up. It is effective for warming a small space within a room or workspace. However, radiant heaters can't distribute heat very far from the heating element. You can not expect it to raise the temperature in the whole room. Also, the heating element gives off a reddish glow that may be annoying or distracting.

Electric Radiant Space Heater
Typical Electric Radiant Space Heater

Micathermic Space Heaters

Micathermic heaters use technics that allow them to be thin and deliver immediate heat. However, they don't retain heat for any length of time once turned off because of their lack of thermal storage.

Electric micathermic Space Heater
Typical Electric Micathermic Space Heater

Oil Filled Radiator Space Heaters

Oil filled heaters, one the other hand, take longer to heat the room, but can store heat for much longer periods of time over micathermic heaters.

Electric oil filled Space Heater
Typical Electric Oil Filled Space Heater

Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic heaters use electricity to heat up ceramic material. Then air is forced by fan to circulate the heat throughout the room. Ceramic heat makers boast efficiency advantages of being able to heat the room quickly, allow control of air movement, temperature control, timers, and tip-over shut-off.

Electric ceramic Space Heater
Typical Electric Ceramic Space Heater

Electric Furnace

How an Electric Furnace Works

An electric furnace is not much different than a gas burning furnace, except instead of moving air across a fired heat exchanger, it moves air over electric heating elements.

Maintaining and Repairing and Electric Furnace

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