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Introduction to Electric Bicycles

A co-worker, who rode his bike to work everyday, stated many times, "A bicycle is the most efficient transportation device known to man." America is headed toward a crisis that bicycling has solved in other nations. Growing urban areas require workers to travel ever-greater distances and spend hours each day commuting to work. Freeway expansion has been limited by the cost of acquiring right-of-way and demolishing buildings. Freeways are no longer free in many ways. Interurban trains require alternative travel means for going between stations and end destinations. The cost of downtown parking already causes workers in Finland to bicycle to their Helsinki workplaces. Imported petroleum for fueling America's cars is getting more expensive. Furthermore, Americans generate more per-capita greenhouse gases than do the residents of any other country. The weather effects and ocean pollution effects of carbon dioxide emissions are becoming recognized, and America is being pressed to reduce its carbon dioxide releases. We want to take a look at considering bike riding to work a viable option, at least part time.

There are many options for bicycles today. Many cities provide bike lanes on their main streets. Urban buses,many times have bike racks on the front of the buses. Commuter trains will sometimes designate a special car, with minimal seats to accomodate bicycles.

Types of Electric Bicycle

Before bicycles people rode horses and walked. Bicycles became prominent in the late nineteenth century.

Electric Bicycle Motors

Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

Electric Bicycle Motor

Foldable bicycles actually fold in half to make them very acceptable for riding on buses and trains. Here's a foldable bicycle that also doubles as a shopping cart. It has an extra small caster wheel that folds down below the large crank wheel in the middle when in cart mode to allow the bicycle to balance and carry many things. Check it out on this video.

Electric Bicycle Parts

Folding Electric Bicycle

Cheap Electric Bicycles

Electric Bicycle Laws

Electric Motors for Bicycles

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