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Electric Commercial Vehicles Currently Available for Pre-Orders

Brief History of Electric Trucks

Although gas powered cars dominated the streets and freeways of the twentieth century, special purpose electric vehicles were used in abundance. Electric carts and fork lifts were used in warehouses, where the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning could not be permitted. One company, Smith Electric Vehicles has been making special purpose electric vans and trucks since the 1920s. Their most famous vehicle, and electric powered milk float. It made deliveries of cold milk early in the morning to residents of Great Britain. The neighborhoods preferred them because they were quiet. Smith Electric Vehicles has re-organized several times, and stopped producing electric trucks in 2014.

Tesla Motors appears to have the most capacity electric truck available by 2020. After producing more than 100,000 luxury electric vehicles and building a battery factory capable of producing large scale lithium battery packs, they had been secretly developing an all electric high weight capacity semi truck tractor. The Tesla Semi has four Model 3 electric motors powering each of the drive wheels. The battery pack is under the driver's cab. Performance challenges the limits of today's electric drive capacities. In early 2018, Tesla is already testing prototypes in live on road hauling service.

Commercial Vehicles Available

There many applications where Electric trucks can be used, such as short haul duties at ports, yard hustling, medium range logistics, construction sites, public transit, and airports. As with solar panels, the initial cost is somewhat high. However, the investment is re-couped rapidly with fuel cost savings, maintenance reductions, and government incentives. These applications account for 10% of trucking use. Here's list of manufacturers that have electric trucks available today.

EV Vehicle Make/Model Applications

Battery Electric Bus Public Transportation. Advantage: Uses Iron-Phosphate battery packs and in-wheel hub motors.

Battery Electric Bus Public Transportation. Advantage: Quick charges at bus stop in 10 minutes. Can run continuously 24-7.

Daimler eAtros Truck
Daimler eActros Daimler has several electric truck programs in the works. The eAtros is one example. It has a gross vehicle weight capacity of either 18 or 25 tons. The 240 kilowatt battery pack can provide a range of up to 200 kilometers.

Zero Truck
Zero Truck Class 4 truck, Li-ion polymer battery, UQM 100 kW (124 hp) motor, peak torque 650 Nm (400 lb-ft), peak power 150 kW, continuous torque 400 Nm (295 lb-ft), continuous power 100 kW (134 horsepower), developed using an Isuzu chassis & 2 speed EDIS automatic transmission, range of body choices from utility to dry freight, $130,000 including battery pack, body optional.

Long range electric/hybrid pick-up truck Workhorse is a mid-west America truck rebuilding company that is currently developing several vehicles for cargo carrying. They acquired hardware and intellectual property from Navistar. They have a pick-up truck, a large drone, and a mid-sized cargo van. Production of the pick-up truck begins in late 2018. Customers are fleet buyers.

EVI Trucks
Electric Vehicles International (EVI) - Light Medium (MD) Truck Company makes three sizes of electric powered trucks: Light Duty Vehicle, Walk-In Van, and Medium Duty Truck.

Tesla Motors Semi Trucks
Tesla Motors Semi Trucks Full sized heavy duty tractor trailer rig that is able to pull 80,000 pounds at full speed with a 300-500 mile range, were announced in autumn 2017. The truck already has many sample orders from the worlds largest cargo transportation companies such as Fedex, DHL, and UPS, as well as some of the largest distribution companies such as Walmart. Prototype on road testing has already begun, with expected deliveries to begin in the year 2020.

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