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Trek Bicycle Brand

Trek bicycles are very popular. The company makes bicycles for almost every category, even children's bikes. The company offer above average quality at competitive prices. Here's a brief survey of the main categories that Trek offers.

Trek Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has been around for several decades now and has become a very popular sport. It generally includes off pavement riding, but has become segmented according to how rough the terrain and how aggressive the rider. Mountain bikes therefore have been designed and built to meet the needs of specialized courses and rider aggression.

Mountain bikes come in different levels of suspension such as Hardtail, Full Suspension, and Dual suspension for courses such as Single Track, Down Hill, and All Terrain. Trek offers 98 different mountain bike models with some that are customizable. The quality of the bike required by the rider is dependent on a number of different qualities such as carbon or aluminium components, stiffness, shock absorption, light weighted, durability, speed, and impact protection. As with smart phones, state of the art innovation continues to improve up on the already highest quality mountain bicycles with each new model year.

Trek Mountain Bicycle
Trek Mountain Bicycle

Trek Road Bicycles

The broad term Trek road bike includes many sub-categories of bikes that were intended to be ridden on a paved surface. Most of these sub-categories pertain to some kind of competition riding such as Race Performance, Sport, and Cyclocross; while others are more recreational such as Fitness and Touring. Within each of these sub-categories is a menu of bicycles offering upgraded features for you to choose from. Its much like buying a new car, where you are offered a base model, then you can somewhat customize the car by adding options. Trek and other bike makers offer upgraded components giving you the choice of the type of bike you want to ride.

One popular line of Trek bikes is the Madone series. These are very high quality racing bikes that include the latest aerodynamic innovations. Using wind tunnel analysis, the Madone frame is designed to minimize wind resistance and weight.

Trek Madone Racing Bicycle
Trek Madone Racing Bicycle

Trek Hybrid/Street/Urban/Commuter/Town Bicycles

Trek hybrid bikes were intended for utility than competition. The rider is positioned more in an upright position. Typical uses are for commuting, grocery shopping, weekend fitness, and hauling. Trek makes a great line in this category called Trek FX 7.x. Prices are very reasonable starting under $500 for the entry level Trek FX 7.1 all Aluminum version. While not tuned for speed they are very light weight and durable. As you go up the scale, carbon forks start at FX 7.4, with the top of the FX category being all carbon 7.7.

Trek FX Hybrid Bicycle
Trek FX 7.7 Carbon Frame Hybrid Bicycle

Trek Women Bicycles

Responding to the unique demands of female cyclists, in 2000, Trek introduced Women's Specific Design (WSD) bicycle and accessories. WSD products are designed to fit female riders, and feature sizing and proportions appropriate for women. WSD bikes are available in the mountain, road, and town categories.

Trek WSD Bicycle
Trek WSD Mountain Bicycle

Many Variations

Within these main categories of Trek Bicycles are many sub-categories. Within each sub-category are several levels. For example, levels in the FX hybrid category are 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, as well as providing the womens version of each bike in the series.

Trek FX Series Hybrid Bicycle
Trek FX Series Hybrid Bicycles

In some categories at the top end, you can design your own bike. You can choose paint color, paint quality, drive chain, tire type, and so forth. However, at this level the price is well over $10,000.

Trek Speed Concept 9 Series Bicycle
Trek Speed Concept 9 Series Custom Bicycle

So you need to take the time to decide how many bells and whistles want included on your bike. If budget is a concern you can simply choose the entry level model in the style of bike you want. You'll find that it will be of high quality and a pleasure to ride and you'll be able to customize it for your specific use over time. If budget is not a concern you can just choose the top of the line with all the bells and whistles and build quality. If you are somewhere in between, select the bike with the most features that are applicable to your riding needs. You can always add or swap components later.

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