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Electric 2 and 3 Wheel Vehicles Currently Available

Wide Array of Electric Motorcycles And Tricycles Available Today

There are many new street grade products for sale today that come in many styles and with many features. It is truly a scrambling act like the technology breakthroughs of the past. Just think of how many computer game companies there were in 1980-85. Or. how many IBM PC compatibles were available during the same time frame. Similar phenomenon are happening now with the Android operating system for cell phones and tablets.

With 2-3 wheel electric vehicles, they currently come in many shapes, styles, and capabilities. Some of the new electric tricycles have two tilting wheels (TTWs) in the front. Other two wheel vehicles look like their gasoline counterparts for street, dirt, and race bikes. Only the power source is different.

Slick Three Wheel Electric Vehicle
TTW One Electric Tricycle Made in Italy

A Sample of 2 and 3 Wheel Street Capable Electric Vehicles

Here is a sample list of street capable electric bikes and trikes available today.

EV Name Make/Model Type Top Speed Range

Brammo Inertia Plus 2 Wheel motorcycle for urban transportation 60+ MPH, 95+ KPH 80 miles / 128 kilometers

Gogoro Smart Scooters
Gogoro Smart Scooters The Gogoro Smart Scotter is a fully electric two wheel vehicle without the hassle of charging. The biggest problem with electric vehicles in the city today is that there is no where to charge it. The range anxiety prevent main stream adoption of electric vehicles. So the Gogoro scooter has two removable 1.3KW battery packs capable of 60 miles (100km) of range and can be swapped out in one minute with fresh fully charged battery packs picked from a modular charging station. The Smart Scooter is highly connected to an intelligent wireless network with back end servers to make the scooter easy to use for the rider. The network keeps track of all performance and charging data that improves vehicle up time, and well as inform the rider of the vehicle's performance. The Gogoro scooter can be powered on and off with a smart phone or a Bluetooth connected key fob. You can even control it with an Apple smart watch. It has a very powerful electric motor capable of speeds up to 60 miles per hour, much faster than the 100-200cc two stroke gas powered scooters on the road in America. 60 mph 60 miles or infinite using charging swap stations

Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles Zero SR Two wheel electric motorcycle designed for urban street use. Claims lightest frame at only 29 pounds including shocks. Uses Lithium Ion battery packs. Performance vastly improved for 2014. Markets to general public as well as police departments. 60 mph 60 miles

Lit Motors
Lit Motors C1 Two wheel sedan using gyro technology that prevents the vehicle from being tipped over, even in a high impact collision. Still to be released at the end of 2016. Company is looking for a partnership/investor with a much larger company. Candidate companies are Apple Computer, BMW, and Audi. 100+ MPH 200 miles (320km)

Current Motor Co.
Current Motor Co. C-Series Scooter Highway capable all electric motor scooter. 65 MPH 50 miles

Peraves Mototracer
Peraves E-tracer Two wheel fully enclosed motorcycles with motorized side wheels that activate when stopped. 155 MPH 200 Miles

ZAP Jonway
ZAP ALIAS Electric 2-wheel Scooter The Alias 2-wheel commuter electric scooter is now in production as part of a new venture between ZAP and Jonway Auto of China. 60km/h 75 km

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